Subhaschandra Kattimani


Associate Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Professional Experience: 

Total 20 years, and at NITK- 14 years

Contact Details



+91 824 2473661
Academic Background

PhD: (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur), 2015
M.E. (UVCE, Bangalore University), 2001
B.E. (UVCE, Bangalore University), 1997

Areas of Interest

Smart Materials and structures, Composite structures, Active Control, Magneto-electro-elastic solids and structures

Significant Projects

• Principal Investigator: “Investigation on radiolucent composite sandwich materials for biomedical imaging systems under hygrothermal environment” AISTDF-SERB (Rs 37.08L), July 2020-2022.
• Principal Investigator: "Active Vibration Control of Laminated Composite Sandwich Plates in Hygrothermal Environment using 1-3 Piezoelectric Composites" DST-SERB (Rs 47.90L), 2019-2021
• Principal Investigator: "Experimental Characterization and Numerical Modelling of Delamination Growth in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminated Composites under Cyclic Loading" DST-SERB (Rs.26.84L), 2018-2020
• Co-Principal Investigator: "An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Narrow Thermal Hysteresis of Cu-Al-Be Based SMA Actuator for Vibration Isolation" DST-SERB (Rs. 16.5L), 2018-2020

Supervision of Ph.D

Awarded: 02; Ongoing-08
1. Vinyas M. Awarded in 2018
Title: Static Behaviour of Functionally Graded Magneto-Electro-Elastic Plates and Beams in Thermal and Hygrothermal Environment
2. Kiram M.C. Awarded in 2018
Title: Static Buckling and Free Vibration Analysis of Skew Magneto-electro-elastic Plates

Significant Publications

Recent Publications
1. An experimental evaluation of the microstructure, mechanical and functional fatigue properties of the boron-doped Cu-Al-Be SMA wires RK Singh, P Biswas, SM Murigendrappa, S Kattimani, Materials & Design, 110081
2. Prediction of Cohesive zone length and accurate numerical simulation of delamination under mixed-mode loading, Chetan HC, Subhaschandra Kattimani, SM Murigendrappa, Applied Composite Materials, 1-38, (2021)
3. Effect of temperature on the performance of active constrained layer damping of skew sandwich plate with CNT reinforced composite core, Vinayak Kallannavar, Subhaschandra Kattimani, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 1-20, (2021).
4. Effect of similar and dissimilar interface layers on delamination in hybrid plain woven glass/carbon epoxy laminated composite double cantilever beam under Mode-I loading, MLJ Suman, SM Murigendrappa, S Kattimani, Theoretical and Applied Fracture
Mechanics. (2021), 114, 102988.
5. Effect of Piezoelectric Interphase Thickness on Nonlinear Behavior of Multiphase Magneto–Electro–Elastic Fibrous Composite Plate, S Kattimani, Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies. (2021): 1-23.
6. Pseudoelastic Behavior of Boron - Doped β 1 - Type Cu - Al - Be Shape Memory Alloys, T Kalinga, SM Murigendrappa, S Kattimani, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, (2021): 1-11.
7. Effect of porosity on active damping of geometrically nonlinear vibrations of a functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plate, LS Esayas, S Kattimani, Defence Technology, (2021).
8. Effect of different geometrical non-uniformities on nonlinear vibration of porous functionally graded skew plates: A finite element study, HSN Kumar, S Kattimani, Defence Technology, (2021).
9. Influence of porosity distribution on nonlinear free vibration and transient responses of porous functionally graded skew plates, NK HS, S Kattimani, T Nguyen-Thoi, Defence Technology, (2021).
10. Study of mechanical and dynamic mechanical behavior of halloysite nanotube‐reinforced multiscale syntactic foam, MS Bakshi, S Kattimani, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138.7 (2021): 49855.
11. On vibration analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced magneto-electro-elastic plates with different electro-magnetic conditions using higher order finite element methods, M Vinyas, D Harursampath, SC Kattimani, Defence Technology, 17.1
(2021): 287-303.
12. Neural Network-Based Prediction Model to Investigate the Influence of Temperature and Moisture on Vibration Characteristics of Skew Laminated Composite Sandwich Plates, Kallannavar, V., Kattimani, S., Soudagar, M.E.M., Mujtaba, M.A., Alshahrani, S. and
Imran, M., Materials, 14.12 (2021): 3170.
13. Effect of temperature and moisture on free vibration characteristics of skew laminated hybrid composite and sandwich plates, V Kallannavar, B Kumaran, SC Kattimani, Thin-Walled Structures, 157 (2020): 107113.
14. Investigation on properties of shape memory alloy wire of Cu-Al-Be doped with zirconium, RK Singh, SM Murigendrappa, S Kattimani, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 29.11 (2020): 7260-7269.

Earlier Publications:
1. Assessment of porosity influence on vibration and static behaviour of functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plate: A finite element study, Accepted, MC Kiran, SC Kattimani, European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 2018, (IF 2.85)
2. Free vibration and static analysis of functionally graded skew magneto-electro-elastic plate. MC Kiran, SC Kattimani, “Smart Materials and Systems”, 2018, (IF 1.4)
3. Hygrothermal coupling analysis of magneto-electro-elastic beams using finite element methods. M. Vinyas, SC Kattimani , & Joladarashi S., “Journal of Thermal Stresses”, 2018, (IF 1.5)
4. Vibration control of multiferroic fibrous composite plates using active constrained layer damping. SC Kattimani & MC Ray, “Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing”, 106, 334-354, 2018, (IF 4.87)
5. Buckling analysis of skew magneto-electro-elastic plates under in-plane loading. MC Kiran & SC Kattimani, “Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures”, 2018,, (IF 2.3)
6. Porosity influence on structural behaviour of skew functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plate. MC Kiran, SC Kattimani, M Vinyas, “Composite Structures”, 191, 36-77, 2018, (IF 3.88)
7. Investigation of the effect of BaTiO3/CoFe2O4 particle arrangement on the static response of magneto-electro-thermo-elastic plates. M Vinyas & SC Kattimani, “Composite Structures”, 185, 51-64, 2018, (IF 3.88)
8. Influence of coupled fields on free vibration and static behavior of functionally graded magneto-electro-thermo-elastic plate. M Vinyas & SC Kattimani, “Journal of Intellegent Materials Systems and Structures”, 2017,, (IF 2.3)
9. Hygrothermal analysis of magneto-electro-elastic plate using 3D finite element analysis. M Vinyas & SC Kattimani, “Composite Structures”, 180, 617-637, 2017, (IF 3.88)
10. Active damping of multiferroic composite plates using 1-3 Piezoelectric composites. SC Kattimani, “Smart Materials and Structures”, 26, 12, 125021 (15pp), 2017, (IF 3.88)
11. Geometric nonlinear vibration analysis of multiferroic composite plates and shells. SC Kattimani, “Composite Structures”, 163, 185-194, 2017.
12. Active Control of Multiferroic Composite Shells Using 1-3 Piezoelectric Composites. S C Kattimani, “Int. J. of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering”, 4, 2,, 2017.
13. Static analysis of stepped functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plates in thermal environment: A finite element study. M Vinyas & SC Kattimani, “Composite Structures”, 178, 63-86, 2017.
14. Multiphysics response of magneto-electro-elastic beams in thermo-mechanical environment. Vinyas, M. and S C Kattimani, “Coupled System Mechanics”, 6, 3, 351-368, 2017.
15. A 3D finite element static and free vibration analysis of magneto-electro-elastic beam. Vinyas, M. and S C Kattimani, “Coupled System Mechanics”, 6, 4, 465-485, 2017.
16. A Finite element based assessment of static behavior of multiphase magneto-electro-elastic beams under different thermal loading. Vinyas, M. and SC Kattimani, “Structural Engineering and Mechanics”, 62, 5, 519-535, 2017.
17. Static studies of stepped functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic beam subjected to different thermal loads. M Vinyas & SC Kattimani, “Composite Structures”, 163, 216-237, 2017.
18. Static behavior of thermally loaded multilayered Magneto-Electro-Elastic beam. Vinyas, M. and S C Kattimani, “Structural Engineering and Mechanics”, 63, 4, 481-495, 2017.
19. Buckling characteristics and static studies of multi-layered magneto-electro-elastic plate. Kiran M. C., S C Kattimani, “Structural Engineering and Mechanics”, 64, 6, 2017.
20. Control of geometrically nonlinear vibrations of functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic plates. SC Kattimani & MC Ray, “International Journal of Mechanical Sciences”. 99, 154-167, 2015.
21. Smart damping of geometrically nonlinear vibrations of magneto-electro-elastic plates. SC Kattimani & MC Ray, “Composite Structures”, 114, 51-63, 2014.


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