Sudhakar C Jambagi


Associate Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Friday, March 7, 2008

Professional Experience: 

Organization : National Institute of Technology Karnataka-Surathkal

Designation : Associate Professor
Period : 09 October, 2023 onwards

Designation : Assistant Professor
Period : 07 March, 2008 to 08 October, 2023

Organization : National Institute of Technology Calicut
Designation : Lecturer
Period : 16 August, 2005 to 05 March, 2008

Organization : St. Joseph Engineering college, Vamanjoor, Mangalore
Designation : Lecturer
Period : 25 August, 2003 to 1 May, 2005

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Academic Background

Ph.D.(IIT Kharagpur)
M.Tech-Manufacturing Technology- NIT Calicut
B.E.- Mechanical Engineering- GIT, Belgaum

Areas of Interest

Modern Manufacturing processes
Thermally sprayed coatings

Significant Projects

Funded Research Projects:
-Improvement in the properties of thermally sprayed Hydroxyapatite bio-ceramic coating reinforced with nanostructured materials--DST-SERB (2019-2022)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sudhakar C. Jambagi

Supervision of Ph.D

Ph.D. guided-02(sole)

ongoing Ph.D-05
04(Sole) -01(co guide)

Ph.D. awarded thesis details:
1]. VISHWANATH BHAJANTRI F(177047ME023), Thesis title:" Assessing the Suitability of Thermally Sprayed Fly Ash Coatings for Marine Structures", Degree awarded -2023, Research guides:- Dr. Sudhakar C. Jambagi
2]. DEEP SHANKAR (187128ME019), Thesis title:"Improvement in the properties of thermally sprayed hydroxyapatite coating reinforced with carbon nanotube for orthopaedics applications", Submitted, Research guides:- Dr. Sudhakar C. Jambagi

Significant Publications

International Publications (yearwise descending order):-19

[19]. Chavana, N., & Jambagi, S. C. (2024). An effective utilization of raw fly ash obtained from thermal power plants using thermal spray technique to improve corrosion resistance for marine applications. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 129688.

[18]. Shankar, D., & Jambagi, S. C. (2024). Improvements in bioactivity, blood compatibility, and wear resistance of thermally sprayed carbon nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite-based orthopedic implants. Tribology International, 197, 109809.

[17]. Chavana, N., Anil, A., & Jambagi, S. C. (2024). An Investigation of Slurry Erosion Behaviour in Plasma-Sprayed Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Fly Ash/Alumina Coatings Using Experimental Analysis and Artificial Neural Computing for Marine and Offshore Applications. Tribology International, 109733.

[16]. Shankar, D., Jayaganesh, K., Gowda, N., Lakshmi, K., Jayanthi, K., & Jambagi, S. C. (2024). Thermal spray processes influencing surface chemistry and in-vitro hemocompatibility of hydroxyapatite-based orthopedic implants. Biomaterials Advances, 158, 213791.

[15]. Deep Shankar, Sudhakar C Jambagi, Niranjan Gowda, K S Lakshmi, K J Jayanthi, and Vikash Kumar Chaudhary(2024), Effect of Surface Chemistry on Hemolysis, Thrombogenicity, and Toxicity of Carbon Nanotube Doped Thermally Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Implants, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 10, 3, 1403–1417,

[14]. N Jagadeeshanayaka, Shubham Nitin Kele, and Sudhakar C. Jambagi(2023), An Investigation into the Relative Efficacy of High-Velocity Air-Fuel-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Implants Based on the Crystallinity Index, Residual Stress, Wear, and In-Flight Powder Particle Behavior, Langmuir 39 (48), 17513-17528,

[13]. Vishwanath F. Bhajantri, Sudhakar C. Jambagi (2023), Factors influencing powders’ flowability and favorable phases like crystalline (Mullite and quartz) and amorphous phases of plasma-sprayed fly ash coatings suitable for marine and offshore applications, Advanced Powder Technology 34 (9), 104150

[12]. N Chavana, V Bhajantri F, SC Jambagi(2022), Improvement in slurry erosion and corrosion resistance of plasma-sprayed fly ash coatings for marine applications, ACS omega 7 (36), 32369-32382

[11]. N. Jagadeeshanayaka, Shikha Awasthi, Sudhakar C. Jambagi, and Chandan Srivastava(2022), Bioactive surface modifications through thermally sprayed hydroxyapatite composite coatings: a review of selective reinforcements, Biomaterials Science, 10 (10), 2484-2523,DOI: 10.1039/D2BM00039C

[10]. Usef, A. P., Bhajantri, V., Kannoth, V., & Jambagi, S. C. (2021). Influence of carbon nanotube reinforcement on the heat transfer coefficient, microstructure, and mechanical properties of a die cast Al-7Si-0.35Mg alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 888, 160844.

[9]. Jambagi, S.C., Malik, V.R. A Review on Surface Engineering Perspective of Metallic Implants for Orthopaedic Applications. JOM 73, 4349–4364 (2021).

[8]. Bajakke, P. A., Malik, V. R., Jambagi, S. C., & Deshpande, A. S. (2020). Corrosion behavior of novel AA1050/ZnO surface composite: A potential material for ship hull. Materials Letters, 281, 128602.

[7]. Malik, V.R., Bajakke, P.A., Jambagi, S.C. et al. Investigating Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior of Plain and Reinforced AA1050 Sheets Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing. JOM 72, 3582–3593 (2020).

[6]. Jambagi, S.C., Bandyopadhyay, P.P. Improvement in Tribological Properties of Plasma-Sprayed Alumina Coating upon Carbon Nanotube Reinforcement. J. of Materi Eng and Perform 28, 7347–7358 (2019).

[5]. Jambagi, S.C., Agarwal, A., Sarkar, N. et al. Plasma-Sprayed Titania and Alumina Coatings Obtained from Feedstocks Prepared by Heterocoagulation with 1 wt.% Carbon Nanotube. J. of Materi Eng and Perform 27, 2364–2372 (2018).

[4]. Jambagi, S.C., 2017. Scratch adhesion strength of plasma sprayed carbon nanotube reinforced ceramic coatings. Journal of alloys and compounds,Vol.728, pp. 126-137.

[3]. Jambagi, S.C. and Bandyopadhyay, P.P., 2017. Plasma sprayed carbon nanotube reinforced splats and coatings. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 37(5), pp.2235-2244.

[2]. Jambagi, S.C., Kar, S., Brodard, P. and Bandyopadhyay, P.P., 2016. Characteristics of plasma sprayed coatings produced from carbon nanotube doped ceramic powder feedstock. Materials & Design, 112, pp.392-401.

[1]. Jambagi, S.C., Sarkar, N. and Bandyopadhyay, P.P., 2015. Preparation of carbon nanotube doped ceramic powders for plasma spraying using heterocoagulation method. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 35(3), pp.989-1000.

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International Conferences:-03

[1] Vishwanath Bhajantri, Prasad Krishna, Sudhakar Jambagi(2018), A brief review on fly ash and its use in surface engineering, ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL DESIGN, MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURE: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Design, Materials and Manufacture (ICDEM 2018) 29–31 January 2018 Karnataka, India, Volume 1943, Issue 1,

[2] K P Aveen, F Vishwanath Bhajathari and Sudhakar C Jambagi (2018), 3D Printing & Mechanical Characteristion of polylactic acid and bronze filled polylactic acid components, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 376, International Conference on Advances in Manufacturing, Materials and Energy Engineering (ICon MMEE 2018) 2–3 March 2018, MANGALORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING, Badaga Mijar, Moodbidri, Karnataka, India DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/376/1/012042

[3] KP Aveen, Vishwanath Bhajantri, Rueben D’Souza, Neelakantha V Londe, Sudhakar Jambagi(2018), Experimental analysis on effect of various fillers on mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced polymer composites, ADVANCES IN POLYMER COMPOSITES: MECHANICS, CHARACTERIZATION AND APPLICATIONS: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Polymer Composites (ICPC 2018) 15–16 December 2018 Surathkal, India Volume 1943, Issue 1,

Book Chapters:

[1].Bajakke, P.A., Jambagi, S.C., Malik, V.R., Deshpande, A.S. (2020). Friction Stir Processing: An Emerging Surface Engineering Technique. In: Gupta, K. (eds) Surface Engineering of Modern Materials. Engineering Materials. Springer, Cham.


- The research manuscript Sl No. [3] listed in the significant publications section was selected as a fetaured article in The journal of the European cermaic society, Elsevier.
- The research manuscript Sl No. [11] topped the Biomaterial science journal content in the year 2022.
- A national conference paper recieved best paper award in the year 2018.
- Recipient of DST-SERB project grant of worth ~40 Lakh to develop durable and biocompatible implant.
- Life member of ASM
- A member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India - memberhip No. 7240110214


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