Ranjith M.


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, March 23, 2015
Contact Details




0824 2473748


Academic Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
Dong-A University, Busan, South Korea 2013

Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
(Specialization in Energy Management);
National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut, Kerala, India 2003

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering;
Govt.College of Engineering, Kannur (Kannur University) 2001

Areas of Interest

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Immersed Boundary Method
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Biological Fluid Dynamics
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Renewable Energy Utilization

Significant Projects

Investigations on the dynamic behaviour of bacterial helical flagellar filaments under axial flow, Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, 2017-2020(Ongoing)

Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing: 04

Significant Publications

1. R. Maniyeri and S. Kang, “Numerical study of swimming of an organism in a viscous fluid in a channel”, World Journal of Modelling and Simulation, Vol. 14 (2), pp. 100-107, 2018
2. J. V. Indukuri, R. Maniyeri, “Numerical Simulation of Oscillating Lid Driven Cavity”, Alexandria Engineering Journal, 2017 (Available online).
3. S. Kang, M. Mannoor, R. Maniyeri, “Effects of the Reynolds number on two-dimensional dielectrophoretic motions of a pair of particles under a uniform electric field”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vols. 30 (7), pp.3219-3228, 2016.
4. R. Maniyeri and S. Kang, “Numerical Study on Bacterial Flagellar Bundling and Tumbling in a Viscous Fluid Using an Immersed Boundary Method”, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol.38, pp.3567-3590, 2014.
5. R. Maniyeri and S. Kang, “Hydrodynamic Interaction between Two Swimming Bacterial Flagella in a Viscous Fluid- A Numerical Study Using an Immersed boundary Method”, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vol.14 (6), pp. 375-385, 2014
6. S. Kang and R. Maniyeri, “Dielectrophoretic Motions of Multiple Particles and Their Analogy with the Magnetophoretic Counterparts”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 26 (11), pp.3503–3513, 2012
7. R. Maniyeri and S. Kang, “Numerical Study on the Rotation of an Elastic Rod in a Viscous Fluid Using an Immersed Boundary Method”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 26 (5), pp.1515–1522, 2012
8. R. Maniyeri, Y. K. Suh , S. Kang, and M. J. Kim, “Numerical Study on the Propulsion of a Bacterial Flagellum in a Viscous Fluid Using an Immersed Boundary Method”, Computers and Fluids, Vol. 62, pp.13–24, 2012


• Principal Investigator, DST-SERB Project, Duration 2017-2020
• Received research fund from the Korean Govt. for the support of graduate student research during 2008-2013
• Received travel grants for attending various international conferences in abroad from National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea during 2008-2013
• Qualified GATE in 2001


Contact us

Dr. S.M. Kulkarni, Professor and Head
Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK, Surathkal
P. O. Srinivasnagar, Mangalore - 575 025
Karnataka, India.

  • Hot line: +91-0824-2473049

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