Sathyabhama A



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Professional Experience: 

Total 25 years, and at NITK 10 years

Contact Details


bhama72 [at], sathyabhama [at]




Academic Background

PhD – 2012 NITK Surathkal
M.Tech – 1998 KREC Surathkal
B.E - 1994 PESCE Mandya

Areas of Interest

Heat transfer, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Energy sources, Energy Audit

Significant Projects

• Principal investigator of project titled “Investigation of enhanced pool boiling methods for cooling of micro-electronic devices” sponsored by DST
• Principal investigator of project titled “Visualization of boiling heat transfer on grooved surface” sponsored by CSIR
Principal investigator of project titled “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of effect of leading edge protuberances on the performance of wind turbine blade” sponsored by SERB DST
• Principal Investigator of project titled “Development of ternary mixture based solar absorption refrigeration system” funded by KSTePS, VGST Karnataka grant order KSTePS/VGST/2021-22/K-FIST(L1)/GRD-1048/117/2022-23/13

Supervision of Ph.D

Completed 06, Ongoing 06

Significant Publications

1. Rajan Jaswal, A. Sathyabhama, Kuldeep Singh, A.V.V.R. Prasad Yandapalli, “Experimental and numerical investigation of pool boiling heat transfer from finned surfaces”, Applied Thermal Engineering 233 (2023) 121167
2. A.V.V.R. Prasad Yandapalli, Erick Moreno Resendiz, Sarada Kuravi, Sathyabhama Alangar, Krishna Kota, “Enhanced boiling heat transfer of water on a liquid-infused surface” Applied Thermal Engineering 226 (2023) 120219
3. Ganesh Kolapkar, A. Sathyabhama, “Aspen Plus simulation of NH3-H2O-NaOH and NH3-H2O-KOH ternary cycles”, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 138 (2022) 106422
4. Madan Krishnegowda, Sathyabhama Alangar, “Experimental investigation on flow boiling characteristics of the ethanol–water mixture in conventional channels”, Heat and Mass Transfer (2023) 59, pp; 779-802
5. Jeena Joseph, A. Sathyabhama, “Leading edge tubercle on wind turbine blade to mitigate problems of stall, hysteresis, and laminar separation bubble”, Energy Conversion and Management, 255 (2022) 115337
6. Jeena Joseph, A. Sathyabhama, Surya Sridhar “Experimental and numerical analysis of humpback whale inspired tubercles on swept wings” Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, available online
7. A. Sathyabhama, B. K. Sreejith, “Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Leading-Edge Tubercles on the Laminar Separation Bubble” Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 767-780, 2022
8. Addisu Frinjo Emma, Sathyabhama Alangar, Ajay Kumar Yadav “Extraction and characterization of coffee husk biodiesel and investigation of its effect on performance, combustion, and emission characteristics in a diesel engine” Energy Conversion and Management: X 14 (2022) 100214
9. Avdhoot Walunj A. Sathyabhama,”Bubble dynamics and enhanced heat transfer during high pressure pool boiling on rough surface”, Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, available online
10. Walunj A, Sathyabhama A, Transient CHF enhancement in High Pressure Pool Boiling on Rough Surface, Chemical Engineering and Processing, 127, (2018) 145-158
11. B. K. Sreejith, A. Sathyabhama, “Numerical study on effect of boundary layer trips on aerodynamic performance of E216 airfoil”, Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 21 (2018) 77–88
12. Avdhoot Walunj, A. Sathyabhama, “Comparative Study of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer from Various Microchannel Geometries” Applied Thermal Engineering, 128 (2018) 672-683
13. Suhas B.G, Sathyabhama A, “Experimental study on forced convective and subcooled flow boiling heat transfer coefficient of water-ethanol mixtures: an application in cooling of heat dissipative devices”, Heat Mass Transfer, 54 (2018) 277-290
14. A Sathyabhama, Athul Dinesh, “Effect of compound enhancement technique on pool boiling heat transfer coefficient”, Heat Pipe Science and Technology, 7(3−4) 251−264 (2016)
15. Suhas B.G, Sathyabhama A, “Heat transfer and force balance approaches in bubble dynamic study during subcooled flow boiling of water-ethanol mixture” Experimental Heat Transfer A Journal of Thermal Energy Generation, Transport, Storage, and Conversion 31(1), (2018), 1-21
16. A Sathyabhama, Athul Dinesh, “Augmentation of heat transfer coefficient in pool boiling using compound enhancement techniques”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Elsevier Publication, 119 (2017) 176–188
17. Suhas B.G, Sathyabhama A , “Experimental investigation of heat transfer coefficient and correlation development for subcooled flow boiling of water-ethanol mixture in conventional channel”, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, ASME, 9(2017) 041003-1- 041003-11
18. Suhas B.G, Sathyabhama A , “Bubble dynamics of water-ethanol mixture during subcooled flow boiling in a conventional channel”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Elsevier publication Volume 113, 25 February 2017, Pages 1596–1609
19. Sathyabhama A, “Effect of boiling surface vibration on heat transfer” Heat Mass Transfer, Springer-link publication, 53, pp: 73-79, 2017
20. Sathyabhama A, “Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer from a flat-plate grooved surface”, Journal of Enhanced heat transfer, Begell house publication 22(3), 2015, pp: 247-265


• IREDA-NIWE award for best research work in wind energy by NIWE, MNRE, Govt. of India for the year 2020
• Award for research publication (ARP) by VGST Karnataka for the year 2017-18
• Certified energy manager from BEE, India


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