Jeyaraj P



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Professional Experience: 

Total: 20 years, and at NITK: 8 year 10 months

Contact Details


pjeyaemkm [at]




+91 7795858559
Academic Background

• PhD (IIT Madras), 2009
• M.E. (Govt. College of Engineering, Salem), 2002
• B.E. (Madurai Kamaraj University), 1999

Areas of Interest

• Mechanical Vibration,
• Structural Acoustics
• Polymer Composite

Significant Projects

• “Investigation on Passive Damping Capability of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite and Visco-elastic Sandwich Structures”, SERB-DST Fast Track Project- ongoing
• Co Principal Investigator of “Vibration based structural health monitoring and progressive failure analysis of a rotating tapered composite plate” Aeronautical Research and Development Board - completed
• Principal Investigator of project titled, “Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Buckling and Vibration Behavior of Non-Uniformly Heated Laminated Polymer Nano Composite Plate", Structures Panel, Aeronautical Research and Development Board-Completed
* Principal Investigator of project titled, “Development of biodegradable micro perforated panel with non-uniform cross-section through 3D printing for sound absorption applications”,
Core Research Grant, SERB-DST, Rs. 36.22 Lakhs - Ongoing

Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing: 07

Significant Publications

In last 5 Years
1. Rajesh, M and P Jeyaraj, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Free Vibration Behavior of Intra-ply Woven Natural Fiber Hybrid Polymer Composite, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2016, 35, 228-242. https://
2. Vinod S. Bhagat, Jeyaraj Pitchaimani and S.M. Murigendrappa, Buckling and Vibration behavior of a Nonuniformly Heated Isotropic Cylindrical Panel, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An International Journal,
2016, 57, 543-567.
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5. MP Arunkumar, Jeyaraj Pitchaimani, KV Gangadharan, M C Lenin Babu, Influence of nature of core on vibro
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• MHRD scholarship for pursuing M. E. (GCE, Salem) and Ph.D (IIT Madras)
• FAST TRACK project for Young Scientist DST, New Delhi


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