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Date of Joining at NITK: 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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ngs.iitm [at]


+91-824-2474000 Extn.


Areas of Interest

Inverse Heat Transfer, Stochastic Optimization, Design of Thermal Systems

Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing - 5

Significant Publications

1. Gnanasekaran, N. and Balaji, C., 2010, “An Inexpensive Technique to Simultaneously Determine Total Emissivity and Natural Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient
from Transient Experiments”, Experimental Heat Transfer, 23: 3, 235 - 258.
2. Gnanasekaran, N. and Balaji, C., 2011, “A Bayesian approach for the simultaneous estimation of surface heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity from steady
state experiments on fins”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 54,3060-3068.
3. Gnanasekaran, N. and Balaji, C., 2011, “A correlation for Nusselt number under turbulent mixed convection using transient heat transfer experiments”, Frontiers in
Heat and Mass Transfer, 2, 023008.
4. Gnanasekaran, N. and Balaji, C., 2012,“Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) approach for the determination of thermal diffusivity using transient fin heat transfer
experiments”, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 63, 46 -54.
5. Konda reddy, B., Gnanasekaran, N., and Balaji, C., 2012,“Estimation of thermophysical and transport properties with Bayesian inference using transient liquid
crystal thermography experiments ”, Journal of Physics Conference Series 2012, Vol 395, 012-082.
6. Amey S Kulkarni , Harsha Kumar,Gnanasekaran N., A new Forward model approach for a mild steel fin under natural convection heat transfer, Procedia Engineering
127, 317-324, 2015.
7. Shreyas Hegde, Narendran G, Gnanasekaran N., Conjugate Heat Transfer Studies in a Hexagonal Micro Channel, Procedia Engineering 127, 719-726, 2015.
8. Sharath Kumar, Harsha Kumar, Gnanasekaran N., A Neural Network based Method for the Estimation of Heat Generation from a Teflon Cylinder, Frontiers in Heat and
Mass Transfer, 7, 15 (2016).


1. MHRD scholarship for pursuing Ph.D (IIT Madras) 2008-2012.
2. 2012 Senior Research Fellow (CSIR) IIT Madras & CSIR
3. Editorial Board Member in International Journal of Scientific Research and Mechanical Engineering.
4. Best paper award for the project titled “Numerical Estimation of Wall Heat Flux in a One Dimensional Rectangular Fin by Conjugate Gradient Method”, International Conference on Systems, Energy and Environment held at Government College of Engineering Kannur during 5-6 August 2016.


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