Vibration analysis and diagnostics

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M.Tech (Design and Precision Engineering)


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Forced Vibration with non harmonic and transient excitation of single degree freedom systems: Fourier analysis, Response to arbitrary loading (Duhamel’s Integral), Impulse response, Mechanical shock, Parametric Excitation. Two degree Freedom System, Multi-degree Freedom systems, modal analysis, Matrix iteration Method, Transfer matrix Method, Myklestadt-Prohl Method, Rayleigh’s minimum principle, Stodola’s Method, Hoizer’s Method. Vibrations of Continuous systems governed by wave equation and Euler Bernoulli equation, strings, membranes, rods, beams. Experimental Methods in Vibration Analysis, industrial applications - rotors and other systems, vibration standards. Vibration Monitoring and analysis: Introduction, Machinery signatures, Selection of Transducers. Analysis Techniques, Machine failure modes, Measurement location, Vibration severity criteria, Vibration frequency analysis. Permanent Monitoring, Case studies.


Caollacatt Chapman “Mechanical Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring”- Chapman and hall 1977. S. S. Rao -Mechanical Vibrations, 5th edition, Pearson Education. 2010 William T. Thomson, Marie Dillon Dahleh, Chandramouli Padmanabhan, Theory of Vibration with Application 5th edition, Pearson Education 2008.


Mechanical Engineering

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