Theory of metal forming

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M.Tech (Design and Precision Engineering)


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Definition and scope of the subject, Brief review of elasticity, Octahedral normal and shear stresses, Spherical and deviatric stress, Invariance in terms of the deviatoric stresses, idealised stress-strain diagrams for different material models, Mathematical relationships between true stress and true strains, Cubical dilation, finite strains co -efficients Octahedral strain, Strain rate and the strain rate tensor. Yield criteria for ductile metal, Von Mises, Tresca, Yield surface for an Isotropic Plastic materials, Stress space, Experimental verification of Yield criteria, Yield criteria for an anisotropic material. Stress - Strain Relations, Plastic stress-strain relations, Prandtl Roeuss Saint Venant, Levy - Von Mises, Experimental verification of the Prandtl-Rouss equation, Yield locus, Symmetry convexity, Normality rule. Upper and lower bound theorems and corollaries. Application to problems: Uniaxial tension and compression, bending of beams, Torsion of rods and tubes, Simple forms of indentation proble ms using upper bounds. Problems of metal forming: Extrusion, Drawing, Rolling and Forging. Problems of metal forming: Extrusion, Drawing, Rolling and Forging. Slip line theory, Introduction, Basic equations for incompressible two dimensional flow, continuity equations, Stresses in conditions of plain strain convention for slip-lines, Geometry of slip lines, Properties of slip lines.


Engineering Plasticity - Theory and Application to Metal Forming Process -R.A.C..Slater, McMillan Press, 1977 Johnson and Mellor-Plasticity for Mechanical Engineers,Van nostrand, 1970 Sluzalec, Andrzej -Theory of Metal Forming Plasticity, Springer, 1985 Chakraborty -Theory of plasticity, Mc Graw Hill.2006


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