Industrial Tribology

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M.Tech (Design and Precision Engineering)


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Introduction: Bearing concepts and typical applications. Viscous flow concepts-Conservation of laws and its derivations: continuity, momentum and energy, Solutions of Navier-Strokes equations. Order of magnitude analysis, General Reynolds equation, Various mechanisms of pressure development, Performance parameters; Boundary Layer Concepts-Laminar and turbulent flow in bearings, mathematical modeling of flow in high-speed bearings. Elastic Deformation of bearing surfaces-Contact of smooth and rough solid surfaces, elasticity equation, Stress distribution and local deformation in mating surfaces, elastic deformation by numerical methods-Finite Difference Method, Governing equation for evaluation of film thickness in ElastoHydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL) and its solution, Boundary conditions. Mathematical modeling of flow in bearings, Numerical simulation of elastic deformation in bearing surfaces. Introduction to Nano tribology, Nano -
mechanics and Materials Characterization.


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