Design of fluid power systems

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M.Tech (Design and Precision Engineering)


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Introduction, Recent developments, applications. Basic types and constructions of Hydraulic pumps and motors. Hydraulic control elements - direction, pressure and flow control valves. Valve configurations, Series and parallel pressure compensation flow control valves. Flapper valve analysis and Design. Analysis of valve controlled and pump controlled motor. Electro-hydraulic servo valves - specification, selection and use of servo valves. Electro hydraulic servomechanisms - Electro hydraulic position control servos and velocity control
servos. Nonlinearities in control systems. Basic configurations of hydraulic power supplies - Bypass Regulated and Stroke Regulated Hydraulic Power Supplies. Heat generation and dissipation in hydraulic systems. Design supply air throttling; Examples of typical circuits using Displacement - Time and Travel-Step diagrams, Travel dependent control and Time-dependent control, Combined Control, Program Control, Sequence Control, Electropneumatic control and air-hydraulic control. Applications in Assembly, Feeding, Metalworking, materials handling and Plastics working. and analysis of typical hydraulic circuits. Use of Displacement - Time and Travel-Step diagrams; ynchronization circuits and accumulator sizing. Meter-in, Meter- out and Bleed-off circuits; Fail Safe and Counter balancing circuits. Components of a pneumatic system; Direction, flow and pressure control valves in pneumatic systems.
Development of single and multiple actuator circuits; Valves for logic functions; Time delay valve; Exhaust and


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