Bio-Fuels in IC Engines

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M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)


Elective Courses (Ele)

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(3- 0- 0) 3


Introduction to global energy sources, Bio energy, Bio diesel-Introduction to biodiesel concept, physical and
chemical properties, Production of biodiesel: primary raw materials- non edible, edible and waste frying oils,
Processing of vegetable oils as biodiesel: transesterification process, batch processing, continuous processing, Basic
plant equipments, and economic benefits of biodiesel. Bio diesel performance: Engine combustion process, engine
performance tests and emissions with biodiesel blends. Ethanol and methanol: global market and future prospect,
properties, production methods, Performance and emissions using ethanol and methanol blends in IC engines.


Ahindra Nag, Biofuels refining and performance, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008. Ayhan Demirbas, Biodiesel: a realistic fuel alternative for diesel engines, Springer, 2008. Lucas Reijnders, Mark A. J. Huijbregts, Biofuels for road transport: a seed to wheel perspective, Springer, 2009. Joshua Tickell, Kaia Tickell, from the fryer to the fuel tank: the complete guide to using vegetable oil as an alternative fuel, Biodiesel America, 2000.


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