Vijay H. Desai



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Saturday, November 7, 1987

Professional Experience: 

Total 27 Years and at NITK 27 Years

Contact Details





+91 9449332960
Academic Background

• Ph.D (NITK) 2005
• M.Tech (IISc) 1994
• B.Tech (KREC, Mangalore Univ) 1986

Areas of Interest

Composite Materials, Functionally Graded Materials, Machining, Sensors and Actuators, Manufacturing Processes

Significant Projects

Establishing Composites lab under DST-FIST Scheme

Supervision of Ph.D

3 degrees awarded
3 On-going

Significant Publications

1. Kantilal Hirani Vijay Desai BVL Narayana Harishkumar Sharma Modeling and Simulation of an Electric Aerodynamic Load Simulator for High Lift System of Aircraft International Journal of Mechatronics and Aerospace Enginerring Vol 24 issue 1, 2013, (Recent Science publications) pp 1103-1107
2. Karthik SP Sandeep Agarwal Vijay Desai Endurance Testing of Aircraft Electro- Hdraulic Actuator Using LabVIEW International Journal of Robotics and Automation (CSA journal), Volume (4) : Issue (2) : 2013 pp 44-59
3. Kiran Aithal, Narendranath, Vijay Desai, P G Mukunda Effect of Process parameters on Centrifugally Cast Al-Si FGM 2013 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition Symposium on Aluminium Alloys Fabrication Characterization and Applications organizd by University of Kentucky at Washington State Convention Centre. Published online in Light Metals -2013 by John Wiley Feb 2013.
4. Shouqatali A C Navin Karanth P Karthik S P Vijay Desai LabVIEW FPGA based Software Implementation for an Automated Test System of Shafts used in High Lift System of an Aircraft International Journal of Computer Applications Vol 51 No5 Aug 2012 pp 14-19
5. P Navin Karanth, Vijay Desai, S M Kulkarni, “Modelling of single and multilayer polyvinylidene film for micro pump actuation” Microsystem Technologies(2010) 16:641-646 DOI 10.1007/s00542-009-0996-x, Dec 2009
6. S Kiran Aithal, S Narendranath, Vijay Desai, P G Mukunda “ Characterization of Al-Si Functinally Graded Material Using Centrifuge Casting Method”, International Review of Mechanical Engineering, (Praise Worthy Prize ), Vol 3, No 5, Page 632-638, September 2009
7. Umashankar K S, Gangadharan K V, Vijay Desai, B Shivamurthy, “ Fabrication and Investigation of damping properties of Nano Particulate composites” Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Vol 9, No.9, pp 819 – 830, 2010
8. Kiran Aithal, Narendranath, Vijay Desai, P G Mukunda “Effect of L/D ratio on Al-Si Functionally Graded Material cast through centrifuge Technique”, Advanced Materials Research Vol 213 (2011), pp 281-285, Trans Tech Publications, Switzterland
9. Kiran Aithal, Narendranath, Vijay Desai, P G Mukunda “Evolution of Microstructure and Hardness of Al-Si Functionally graded cast through centrifuge Technique using Hypereutectic and Eutectic Al-Si “ Int JMME
10. Narendranath S, Vijay Desai, S. Basavarajappa, K V Arun, Manjunath Yadav S, “Hot rolling and ageing effect on the pseudo elasticity bahaviour of Ti-rich TiNi shape memory alloy” Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Vol.9, No.4, pp 343-351,2010

11. Nikhil Ramaswamy, Vikram Kamath, Navin Karanth P, Vijay Desai, S M Kulkarni, “The effect of Deviation in Nozzle Diameter on the Pressure loss Coefficients of Diffuser/Nozzle in a Valveless Micropump”, Intl Journal of Electronics and Computers, No 3(1), Jan- June 2011, pp 47-51

12. Umashankar K S, Gangadharan K V, Vijay Desai, B Shivamurthy, “Machining Characteristics of Nano composites” Advanced Material Letters, 2011, 2(3), VBRI Press (in print)

13. Nikhil Ramaswamy, Navin Karanth, S.M. Kulkarni and Vijay Desai, “Modeling of Micropump Performance and Optimization of Diaphragm Geometry”, International Journal of Computer Applications 2011, (ISSN 0975-8887) (ISBN 978-93-80747-80-2), pp 13-19

1. Kiran Aithal S Vijay Desai Narendranath S P G Mukunda Microstructure Hardness and Wear Characterization of Al-Si FGM’s Indian Foundry Journal Vol 58 No 5 May 2012 pp 39-48
2. S S Murthy, Vijay Desai “ Analysis of Profile of candidates Admitted to NITS”, The Indian Journal of Technical Education, ISTE, New Delhi, Vol 28, Dec 2005, pp 12-25
3. S Muthukumarasamy, Vijay Desai, A Sudhakar, S Seshan “ Studies on Fibre Reinforced metal Matrix Composites Produced through Squeeze casting Process”, Indian Institute of Foudryman Transactions, Vol 70, 1994, pp 381-384

1. Narendranath s, S M kulkarni, Vijay Desai, Sudipto Ghosh, M Chakraborty “ A Study of the Ageing Effect on the Wear Behaviour of Ti52Ni48 Shape memory Alloy” Global Conference on Production and Industrial Engineering, NIT, Jalandhar, March 2007 paper 413
2. Umashankar K S, Vijay Desai, K V Gangadharan “ Experimental process optimization through-Design of Experiments for machining of Aluminium alloy”, International Conference on Engineering 2007, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, August, 2007
3. Vijay Desai, K V Gangadharan, Umashankar K S “Modelling and Experimental verification of damping ratio in Al and Al-Si Alloys” KU-NITK Joint Seminar on Recent Advances in Engineering and Technology” Nov 2008, pp 101-108
4. Umashankar K S, Anil Kumar C, K V Gangadharan, Vijay Desai “ Comparison of Damping ratio in Al and Al-Si alloys”, International conference on Fascinating Advacement in Mechanical Engineering (FAME2008), Mepco- Schlenk college of Engineering Sivakasi Tamilnadu, December 2008
5. Umashankar K S, Abhinav Alva, Gangadharan K V, Vijay Desai “ Estimation of Damping in Cast and Sintered Aluminum” International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Automation” (INCAMA-09), Kalasalingam University Krishnankoil, TN, March 2009, pp102
6. S A Kiran, S Narendranath, V Desai, P G Mukunda, “ Wear Characterization of Al/17% Si Functinally Graded Material”, Tribo India Conference, on Tribology of Automotive Systems, Dec 2009, I I T Delhi, PP 23-28

7. Kiran Aithal, Narendranath, Vijay Desai, P G Mukunda “ Microstructure and wear characterization of Hypereutectic Al-Si FGM” 139th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, TMS 2010

1. Vivekanand Komalapur, R Ravindranath, Vijay Desai “ Contract Manufacturing for Process Equipment for US Customer by Lean manufacturing”, Proceedings of 48th National Convention on Multidimensional Concepts and approaches for Continual Improvement in the E- Millennium, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Bangalore, Sept 2006
2. Narendranath S, Vijay Desai, Basavaajappa S “ Effect of Load on dry Sliding Wear Property of Aged TiNi Cu alloy” National Conference on Advances in material and Manufacturing Processes, UBDTCE, Davangere, Oct 2007, pp 286-290
3. Kiran Aithal S, Vijay Desai, Narendranath, P G mukunda “Characterization of Al-Si Functionally Graded Material Cast through Centrifuge Casting” Intl Conference on Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering –FIME 2010, NITK, Surathkal Page 72, 20-22 May 2010.
4. Kiran Aithal S, Narendranath,Vijay Desai, P G mukunda “Evaluation of Microstructure and hardness of Al-17% Si-7wt.% SiC functionally Graded Composite “AMMMT-2010, SIT Tumkur


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